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Found out one thing today. Great music, amazing company, good food and sweet drinks can really lift your soul :)

Purity, or is it insanity?

So I spent a great weekend with him doing nothing really, but enjoying each other without words. And I’m happy :) I’m loved.

And then comes Monday, and I’m still basking in his love. In the love that I know is sincere, and without motive.

People in the workplace asked me what I was up to over the weekend. I said with him, proudly, with joy. And then they asked about the sex. And I lost the love. I was confused, and afraid.

Is this a natural progression? Is this all the world cares and talks about? I stuttered, and mumbled no sex. And they said I lie. I lie about purity, purity that no longer exist in these times. Is that the truth? Is it insanity?

Our relationship is grounded in the Lord. Our bodies are His temple. Is that a lie? Is it fantasy?

The world, as it is now. Is it reality? Is it tragedy?


And so… I’m in love :)

Vain hair moments, but I love the colours :)

Vain hair moments, but I love the colours :)

Lol it happens

Lol it happens

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